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Birthday Cakes

Birthday Cakes
For that special burthday

Birthday Cake - Calla Lily Flowers And Ladybirds
Single tiered Calla Lily flowers and ladybirds cake. Can be modified to add additional tiers.
Birthday Cake - Christmas Snowman Family
Snowman family birthday cake.
Birthday Cake - How To Train A Dragon Cupcakes
How to Train a Dragon cupcakes.
Birthday Cake - Pink Duck
3D pink ducky birthday cake.
Birthday Cake - Princess Castle
Two tiered princess castle and princesses cake.
Birthday Cake - Skylanders
Single figurine single tier birthday cake.
Birthday Cake - Skylanders Two Tiered
Two tiered Skylanders cake.
Birthday Cake - Tiara Cake
Two teired tiara cake.
Birthday Cake - Toothless
Single layer Toothless from How to Train a Dragon birthday cake.
All Occasions Cake - Naked Cake

Naked Wedding Cake with Peony, Lavender and Hydrangea Flowers

Two tiered chocolate sponge cake with cream cheese filling and peony, hydrangea and lavander flowers.
Cake featured at a wedding but can also be used for a birthday.

Birthday Cake - Christmas Bauble
Christmas Bauble birthday cake. Inside was red and green checkered.
Birthday Cake - Elsa And Olaf Frozen Themed
Two teired Elsa cake with Olaf on the side.
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